Managing Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

Staying happy and confident throughout your pregnancy period is a must. Because the good news is you are going to give birth to a new life.

It’s not so easy…

It is only the woman who can understand what she has been through while giving birth to a child. Thus, there are physical changes that take a lot to stay confident. And one of the most suffering body parts is the back of the women.

Reasons that can cause lower back pain in pregnancy

The primary factors that cause sharp lower back pain during pregnancy or period are hormonal changes the excessive growth of the uterus and the loosening of uterus walls. Lower back pain in pregnancy is not any disorder or any problem for which one should worry too much.

Back pain in pregnancy in the second trimester is a widespread phenomenon that every pregnant woman faces. In a rare case, sharp lower back pain pregnancy turns worse due to performing restricted and prohibited actions or exercises. With the expansion of the uterus, there are a lot of physical changes which take place parallel to it. The center of gravity of the body gets imbalanced which affects the body posture by the expansion of the uterus as it tensiles out the abdominal muscles.

The ligament attached to the pelvic bones to the spine is used to relax, and the joints loosen due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. A woman may feel inactive or lack energy because immunity breakdown is regular during pregnancy.

So women are always advised to have proper rest and regular exercise when they are pregnant. Women should perpetually avoid sitting or standing for a long time. Jumping and doing stairs is profoundly denied by doctors when a woman is pregnant.

It’s never to worry or get nervous:

More the 70% of pregnant women face lower back pain during pregnancy. Mostly lower back pain occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, but there is nothing to worry about if you are suffering from lower back pain in early pregnancy.

Women have a sedentary way of life, have lesser body flexibility, have weaker back, or abdominal muscles face more ‘back pain during pregnancy’. Even carrying twins will be naturally severe and more painful than in an ordinary case.

Types of lower back pain during pregnancy:

  1. Lumbar back pain in pregnancy

This kind of lower back pain is very typical of the usual pain that women face even before pregnancy or during the menstruation cycle(periods). Lumbar back pain takes place in the Lumbar vertebrae area of the lower back near the spine around the waist. This can be more severe than any other “lower back pain in pregnancy” in women. Lumbar back pain can be radiated to your legs from the start to the end of the day and the situation can get worse at the end of the day.

Avoid sitting and standing for an extended period and avoid lifting and bending to reduce the sharp back pain during pregnancy.

  1. Posterior pelvic lower back pain in early pregnancy

It occurs in the rear pelvic region. The posterior pelvic pain is only experienced during pregnancy. The lower body part which includes the lower back thighs and hips faces the torture or agony when suffering from Posterior lower back pain in pregnancy.

The primary causes of posterior “lower back pain pregnancy” in the second trimester are climbing stairs, sitting in and out of a small chair, and lifting and twisting during pregnancy.

To lessen the effect of pain women should never lean forward while sitting on a chair. They should avoid lifting heavy weights of more than 1-3 kg.

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