Understanding and Preventing Dry Skin: 6 Key Factors to Consider

Have you experienced a bad skin condition?

If you did, you sure know that’s nothing close to desirable, and if it’s a no, you just would regret letting it happen. Because, except for extreme cases, the reason for skin dryness and other conditions is the lack of care we give our skin. The best thing to do is avoid it and take certain precautions because prevention is better than cure.

Here are 6 major reasons for dry skin to help save you from major concerns.

  1. Weather

    During cold weather and when the humidity level rises, our skin is bound to experience the driest conditions if not taken care of. In such conditions, using cold creams and moisturizers will retain moisture in the skin, which keeps the skin healthy. The indoor heaters used in winter can be as dangerous as the cold as the heat takes away the moisture that is left with the skin.

  2. Aging

    Every person experiences aging because of hormonal changes, where skin dryness and wrinkles are normal. If there is no proper care in such conditions, the skin can become parched and thin. You can’t go back in time to make things right; so ensure good skin care is constant. Moisturizing is the key to keeping away significant skin changes over the years; and to prevent wrinkles and dryness, retinol is what you need

  3. .Steam

    Were you under the misconception that steam is good for the body? It only soothes the body but doesn’t help the skin absolutely in any way. A steamy shower can be quite fun and relaxing, but putting that habit aside can do much good to the skin as it isn’t very good. In a lot of steam, the natural oils that the skin needs get dried out. Spending a lot of time in a swimming pool can be as bad as the rest because of the amount of chlorine in the water.

  4. Harsh Soaps

    Picking a soap with the most appealing cover can cost your skin a lot more than the soap itself. All soaps are different though they serve the same purpose, yet they can have a different effect on different skin types. A lot of deodorants and soaps can make the skin dry by taking away the moisture, making the skin prone to look bad and rough. Just like soap, shampoo can affect the skin as well by drying the scalp.

  5. Skin Irritants

    Sensitive skin is more prone to rashes and dryness when exposed to pollution, sweat, and other irritants throughout the day. Also, when under the sun for long, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage even under the skin. So choose to cover your skin when you have no escape from the sun and a fireplace. Identify fabrics or ingredients used to wash them and any other things you can be in contact with to know what causes trouble to your skin. If you wish to avoid wrinkles, skin sagging, and dryness, just remember to treat your entire skin as cautiously as on your face for the best results!

  6. Health

    If you find anything unusual happening to your skin, don’t hesitate to check it with your doctor. Skin issues like psoriasis and eczema are not what you would want to see affecting your skin, and their seriousness can vary depending on the intensity of the problem.  Some cases are treated better by the dermatologist and self-treatment can put you at risk. The moment you realize any unusual change in your skin that lasts more than just a while, see a doctor.

Though the skin is the primary line of protection, it needs care and concern so it can carry out its functions properly. Weather and climate changes have brought many concerns that we need to give heed to. In such situations, only keeping ourselves aware of various skincare, health, and beauty solutions will save us from facing its consequences. Love yourself? Retain your healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin because that’s you.

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