Exercise and Fitness- fighting the heavy lead feeling through exercise regimens

Humans have left no stone unturned for an easy comfortable life. Lifestyle has considerably changed with the progress in technology and it has affected our health as well. We are no longer attached to healthy living as life is fast and demands more out of us. Instead of taking a walk we prefer cars, instead of home-cooked meals, we prefer fatty junk food. The term ‘couch potato’ suits this physically inactive lifestyle with a lot of stress mounting on us in professional life.

Exercise and fitness for a healthy lifestyle:

A regular fitness regime along with a proper diet is the ultimate key to a healthy body. Exercising not only keeps you in shape but also eliminates high risks of getting deadly diseases like colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Obesity is a raging problem in modern times; even children have been diagnosed with it. Lack of physical activities, watching television most of the time, staying indoors, and eating junk are some of the reasons inducing obesity among kids and adults. This can be countered by following a healthy diet and routine exercises.

No time to exercise?

Often we tend to overlook our health on grounds of demanding and hectic professional lives. You can still stay fit by :
• Regularly walking briskly for an hour every day.
• Using stairs at your workplace instead of the lift at least once during the day as it burns a lot of calories.
• Even while sitting on the chair, you can take a 5-10-minute break for some short exercises involving the neck, arms, and legs. This also removes stress and keeps you fit in the long run.

Why does your kid need to exercise?

Even if you see your children look fine, there is a need to inculcate proper habits of exercising and fitness in them. For good health, your child should exercise regularly and eat vegetables and fruits. This will sharpen their mental ability as well. The best is to habituate them with sports, as this will be fun and will not make them feel bored. If your child is obese, a regular exercise routine should be followed. This will lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure, thereby ensuring a healthy life. Almost 60 minutes of tough physical activity or exercise is necessary for kids above 2 years.

Exercising can be fun and interesting:

Exercising has no side effects; it can only make you fit and fine for the rest of your life. If you want to bring a fun element to your day-to-day fitness program, an aerobics workout is just right for you. It works in your whole body from various angles by toning the muscles up. It helps your brain function better. Not just during youth, but if people carry on with aerobics then they have a low risk of fractures. Aerobics are strenuous and releases endorphins that uplift our mood. Not just an effective way to control weight, aerobics help achieve firmer and tighter bodies reducing flab.

Ultimate key to fitness:

• Drink plenty of water as it flushes out toxins ultimately and induces metabolism.
• Start by walking for 30 minutes at a fast pace and you can also get professional help for starting an exercise regimen.
• While eating make sure, you don’t heap your stomach but eat in small proportions.
• Yogurt is very good if taken at intervals along with apple and baby carrots. Abdomen fat looks bad and all these can help you shed that flab around your waist.

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