Shaking up the metabolism with proper exercises to lose weight

Weight loss has become the latest fad. We can’t talk pleasantly about the phenomenon but truly, we have conceded to the losses that obesity brings and look to get back in shape; somehow, anyhow. Weight loss capsules are flying all over the market we hear of a certain pharmacological invention or herbal diet that seems to be doing well with the ma each week. Unfortunately, they hardly work. What works is trauma, psychological issues, and a lot of despair.

Let’s thank our stars that we are still metabolic beings and can look to reduce fat through some disciplined physical adventure. We do not talk of weight training, resistance training, or interval training; weight loss is possible through a few very popular exercises today. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Brisk Walking

This is perhaps the commonest of them all yet it is highly effective. The central idea is to produce a rhythm in the body. This can be achieved through walking with shortened strides. Such short walks can result in increasing heart rate. Heart rate, when exceeded beyond a point leads to a heightening of metabolism. This naturally results in burning calories and shedding fat. While brisk walking we hardly realize that something as simple as brisk walking can produce such mighty results.


One of the most natural exercises (the other being swimming), does your health a world of good in the course of fun and travel. Those tilted to cycle to their workplaces feel fresh blood more. A boon for heart problems, it keeps your legs fit and imparts torque to your movement. The exercise increases the heart rate a great deal due to its very rhythmic motion. This way, the exercise can be very handy in shedding fat.

Hindu Squat

A Hindu squat is one of the very punishing cardio but then you can always choose to do it lightly. In the initial stages, it is important to go slow with proper intervals. This exercise is meant to throw a lot of stress on the belly. Ideally, 25 squats at a go are considered just perfect. This exercise might dehydrate you at times so it is important to keep the water quotient going.


Treadmills are either manual or automatic. Few of them have an inclined plane while others are horizontal. Walking on a treadmill can be a perfect exercise to burn calories. This means that you can shed fat very fast if you indulge in the right discipline of doing it. Yes, it is important to get your TMT test done before doing it regularly.


This one deals with rhythmic pelvic movements. Hula hoops can help you shed a lot of belly fat. You can try the hula hoops to reduce belly fat in particular as it enables faster gyrations around the pelvic region. They also have a lot of ergonomic value. Besides, hula hoops also have a lot of acupressure-related usage.

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