Finding the Right Lower Back Pain Remedies

A great number of people complain of back pain of which, the most common is lower back pain. Unfortunately, finding lower back pain remedies can be difficult at times. And if you manage to get hold of a few lower back pain remedies, you’ll find the effects of some to be short-lived while others are simply useless. Given the many possibilities, it is a matter of knowing the different available options. Sometimes you may have to try one, two, or maybe more lower back pain remedies before finding the most effective for your own lower back pain. Choose one that not only relieves you of the discomfort but also allows you to resume your normal routine.

Available Lower Back Pain Remedies

Talk of lower back pain or any pain for that matter, and what immediately comes to mind is the pill. There are many painkillers or pain relievers that anyone can buy over the counter. However, many are dissatisfied with their efficacy. If you find yourself in the same situation, you can ask your doctor to prescribe you a more potent medication that can take away much of your pain. Be sure to consult with the doctor about the potential side effects and possible addictiveness.

Cold Packs for Back Pain Relief

Another one of the lower back pain remedies that you can safely experiment with is the use of cold packs. As one of the lower back pain remedies, cold packs work by causing the veins in the tissue to contract thereby reducing circulation. When you remove the cold, the veins overcompensate and dilate. Blood rushes to the area bringing with it the nutrients needed by the injured muscles, joints, and tendons to heal. As a result, you get to notice some form of pain relief. Many would recommend a hot compress remedy for lower back pain. While this can also be a good therapy, know that hot treatment can worsen the pain in cases of inflammation. Therefore, your first attempt should be a cold compress and only if it won’t work should you opt for the hot compress.

Regular Exercise, the Secret to Great Health

There is truth to what health and fitness experts have been advocating — exercise is the key to great health. It is even touted as an effective remedy for many muscular and joint pains including that of the lower back. Try to incorporate yoga or any other light stretching exercise into your daily schedule. These activities may not immediately eliminate your back pains but they will certainly strengthen your body to prevent their recurrence.

Being tied to a desk job or pounding at the computer keyboard the whole day increases your chances of having lower back pain. A good preventive approach is to take a break now and then. It is a good idea to stand up every hour and stretch your body straight for a few seconds. Lunch breaks are good opportunities to take a walk and exercise those limbs. With a simple adjustment to your daily routine, you will be able to work on an effective remedy for lower back pain.

On the other hand, if your job entails much physical labor, what you need as one of the lower back pain remedies is relaxation. This does not include sprawling on the couch watching television when you come home and doing nothing else after. The recommendation for relaxation is for you to soak in a hot batch to ease the strain on your muscles and joints after working hard the whole day. A good and thorough massage occasionally will work wonders in relieving the tension associated with lower back pain.

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