Simple Exercise for Low Back Pain Routines Can Provide Immediate Relief

Many of those who complain of low back pain are sitting most of the time. They are usually office workers who are hunched over their desks or slouching in front of their computers eight hours or more a day. And when they do come home, you can find them either sprawling on couches or in front of their personal computers at home. These people, if they are not suffering from low back pain yet, are putting themselves at high risk of getting one.

Quick Pain Relief

Experts have not pinned down what is exactly causing low back pain but many agree that slouching is a big contributory factor for low back pain. They recommend that sufferers perform a few sets of exercises for low back pain to find relief from the symptoms. These are quite easy sets of exercises for low back pain which anyone can do anywhere, anytime. When your lower back aches, pause whatever you’re doing and try one or two of these exercises. You will sigh relief when you notice that the pain is gone almost immediately after.

Standing Extension Exercise: Relieving Low Back Pain

The low back pain is a result of too much flexion or extreme bending. Note that as you sit, there is a tendency to bend forward. Therefore, you need to correct this to ease your lower back pain. The proper exercise for low back pain calls for moving in the opposite direction. You will have to bend backward. Stand up with your feet pointed forward and about a shoulder apart. Place the palms of your hands on the lower back; make sure that your fingers point to the floor. Now bend from your waist backward and try to reach as far down as you can. Keep the position for about five seconds before slowly coming back to the upright position. This exercise for low back pain is called the standing extension and you may repeat it as many times as you feel comfortable.

Prone Lumbar Extension: Effective Back Relief

The above is a very simple exercise guaranteed to ease your lower back pain. You can do it anytime during the convenient day. When the pain goes, you will observe that it will not return even after you’ve gone back to working for a much longer time. There is another exercise routine to deal with your lower back pain. It is called the prone lumbar extension. This time you will need to get down on the floor. Lie on your stomach with your face down. With your elbows, gently push your upper body up keeping your back arched. Remember to keep your hips down on the floor so you can also relax the lower back while doing the exercise. Hold the position for about thirty seconds, then slowly come back down to the floor. Rest for a while, then try to repeat until you can keep the position much longer, say for five minutes.

Then again, if you do not find any of the exercises for lower back pain appealing, you can find relief for your lower back pain by asking Grandma for one of her traditional remedies. Just remember to keep your back straight as you sit.

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