How to lose weight without hitting the gym?

Is it possible to lose weight even without hitting the gym? Of course, it is! So, you needn’t worry about getting up early every day and hurrying to the gym to shed some pounds. All you need to do is, take some time out daily and burn the calories through simple means to look trim and fit.

Lose weight without hitting the gym

The best part is, that you get fitness benefits even without disturbing your regular schedules that gyms often cause. Be yourself and say goodbye to that crabby fat that has been refusing to go away for a long.

To lose the weight, you need to take some easy steps, including:

Walk, walk, and walk

The more you walk, the more you lose fat! So, don’t look elsewhere and start walking as much as you can. Get up early in the morning and go on the walk routine. If you’re not an early riser, let the walks happen when you feel the most convenient about it. Walk in the office or walk around the home in short bursts. A 5-minute walk every two or three hours will help a lot.

Shun elevator, take to stairs

It’s time to shun your love for the elevator. Switch to the stairs and make sure to follow the practice at every given opportunity. Doing this will help a lot in your bid to lose weight. You can deliberately make your stairs-climbing a tough exercise by trying out different uncomfortable variations.

A walk before and after dinner

A walk both before and after dinner helps in different ways and therefore, should be part of your routine. When you do it before taking the dinner, you cut down the appetites and your intake becomes a light meal. On the other hand, calories are burnt and better digestion is achieved when one walks post-dinner.

Engage in activities involving hands and elbows

You are likely to burn more and burn faster while being engaged in activities that involve your hands or elbows. In a sense, you must find some acts or activities that put greater pressure on those very organs that help in the quick burning of fat. There are many things you do, and washing is one of them. Make sure you wash one thing or another, or anything, daily.

Don’t sit idle and gorge on

You gain a lot of fat when you are in the habit of sitting idle in one place and gorging on the very things you should not. You should rather get up and get going, literally. You can walk around a bit, go running a bit, or take some jumps in the meantime. Never sit lazily and stop munching away snacks, etc.

Go cycling

How about cycling your way to the office? Or, why not take a cycle around in the park to have some fresh air? Either way, you will benefit a lot and burn a good amount of calories each day. Make sure you are a regular at cycling as it will be a wonderful bubby for your weight loss endeavor.

Make your TV watching more productive

Watching TV for hours is one of the prime reasons for gaining weight and looking tubby. Understandably, the idiot box keeps you engrossed and hooked for valid reasons but you must not cede the benefits. Why not make your session productive? Why not lose weight during your favorite shows movies or sports? The best part is, you can do anything starting from jumps to jogs to abdominal crunches to hip lifts.

Suck your tummy in as and when you can

Tummy workouts are going to help you a lot in losing weight. You need to suck in your tummy for as many times as you can daily. Doing this means exerting far greater pressure than one normally does. This way, your lower abdomen will benefit in precisely the way it should to help you burn those crabby calories.

Rub your hot hands on the stomach

A great way to lose some weight is by rubbing the hot hands on the stomach. You can make your hands hot by rubbing them together till they radiate heat, or feel like oozing heat. Now take those hands where they bulge and repeat the act twice or thrice a day to benefit a lot.


Losing weight even without going to the gym is possible. You however need to engage in some activities to get the results faster. If you follow these activities daily, you’re assured of desired results far earlier than you would expect.

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